About Two Tales Press

Two Tales Press is a publishing house featuring spine-chilling stories and novellas
written and edited by
New York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison.

A Note from J.T.

We're in a glorious time for writing.

Writers now have direct access to readers—not only through books, but through a vast compendium of outlets and formats: magazines, newspapers, blogs, social media, serials, ebooks. The Internet has given us freedom to create and share immediately. This unfettered access is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

In my day job, I write psychological thrillers, but I’ve long looked to short stories as a way to have a bit of fun with my writing, to step outside my comfort zone. First person, horror, flash fiction—these are the ways I get my jollies on the side.

I’d written three novels before I ever tried my hand at short fiction. But when I did, I discovered an entirely new world. 

My love of the short form grew from there. I began placing stories in magazines, writing for anthologies, the works. I love the freedom and limitations of the form, and I still use it as a playground of sorts, a way to stretch my wings and explore genres I wouldn’t normally write in.  

My short stories are little slices, vignettes. Crimes of the heart, the mind, the soul.

They’re the bits and pieces that fall from my mind while I’m writing long form novels, the ideas that don’t have a place in my current work. Some are quite short, others have bloomed into novellas. Some have been published before, some are brand new. I even gathered a group of 13 writers who wrote 13 spooky stories featuring a Southern Gothic house

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I decided to start my own publishing house, Two Tales Press, so you could get a taste of these sweet little lies. I do hope you enjoy them. 

J.T. Ellison