Happy Release Day, A THOUSAND DOORS!

Death hath a thousand doors to let out life: I shall find one.”

— Philip Massinger

I saw this quote years ago, and it sparked an idea. Now, over a decade later, you get to see what Massinger wrought in my mind. I found the door, now I bring you the lives… 

I am so thrilled to announce A THOUSAND DOORS: An Anthology of Many Lives is on sale today! 

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Having this book out in the world is an absolutely dream for me. I’ve been harboring this story ever since I saw the quote, about a young woman who is murdered, and as she dies, has the chance to lives all the lives she’d once dreamed of having.

I’ve likened it to Sliding Doors meets The Lovely Bones.

But it wasn’t my usual kind of story, and a very ambitious one at that, so I shelved it until I felt the time was right. I’m so glad I did, because as the years progressed, I realized how incredibly cool it would be if I had help writing Mia’s many lives.

Last year, I recruited some of my favorite writer friends to help me. Look at the amazing list of authors bringing Mia alive:

Kimberly Belle

Laura Benedict

A.F. Brady

Patti Callahan Henry

Paige Crutcher

Rebecca Drake

Heather Gudenkauf

Joy Jordan-Lake

Alisha Klapheke

Ariel Lawhon

Kerry Lonsdale

Catherine McKenzie

Kate Moretti

Lisa Patton

Kaira Rouda

This is the most unique, exciting project I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on. It’s much more than an anthology, this is a novel. Over the course of the story, you are going to meet 16 different variations of Mia Jensen. You are going to journey through her lives, be shocked by her decisions, her actions, her vulnerabilities, her loves, her mistakes. You are going to get to know Mia better than she knows herself.

A THOUSAND DOORS is on sale in hardcover, trade paper, and ebook today, everywhere books are sold. Audio is coming after the first of the year. I hope you’ll talk to your favorite indie booksellers and librarians and ask them to stock the book, too.

Don’t Take My Word For It… Here’s What The Reviewers Are Saying

“I cannot express how unique, thrilling, and emotional of a ride it was to make my way through A Thousand Doors. The journey that Mia faces from beginning to end was suspenseful, tense, and gripping, and the ending tied everything together in a satisfying manner. Highly recommended to those who are finding the thriller genre a bit stale these days; A Thousand Doors is a breath of fresh air for readers who are feeling stuck in a rut.” –– Chelsea Humphrey, The Suspense Is Thrilling Me

“What makes this book so special is the different courses a person’s life can take and each author’s spin. If you have read each of the contributor’s work previously, you will see each story was ideal for that respective author. Each story is full of humor, intrigue, and suspense and very thought-provoking. Highly-entertaining!” –– Judith Collins, TLC Book Tours  

“A Thousand Doors is unlike any book I’ve ever read...an intriguing concept brought to fruition by an extremely talented and diverse group of women.” –– Susan Peterson, Goodreads

“This is one of those pieces of work that come along and leaves you thinking about every life choice you have ever made. And what would you do if you had the chance for a do over? Each story tells a different path and outcome. I have no idea how all of these authors came together and speak with the same voice. I have never read anything like this and it is just a brilliant idea and body of work.” –– Patricia Romero, Goodreads  

Here’s the official Jacket Copy

The day Mia Jensen died, she finally got to live…


We’ve all played the “what if” game. For Mia Jensen, “what if” is a fact of life. Dissatisfied with her choices, she often dreams about what could have been. Now she has the chance to know. But that knowledge is going to cost her dearly. Only through death can she fully realize the value of her life. 

Forty-year-old Mia Jensen is home after a terrible day, trying to figure out how she’s come to this point in her life, when she hears a strange noise from the kitchen. She investigates, only to be brutally attacked and left for dead. As she dies, she experiences some of the lives that could have been hers had she only made a different choice. 

Can one woman can find peace with the path she’s chosen before it slips through her fingers forever? 

Through the unique voices of New York Times bestsellers and rising stars in women’s fiction, A THOUSAND DOORS examines how our smallest decisions can create lasting effects, and asks the ultimate question—can we actually change our lives? 

I always have a soundtrack for my books, and A THOUSAND DOORS is no different… except this one was compiled en masse, with each author offering their own song to match their story. Can you guess which song goes to which life?

Release Day Giveaway

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As you can imagine, a project of this magnitude isn’t undertaken lightly. A great deal of time, effort, and care has gone into this story over the years, as well as putting the book together and getting it into your hands. My deepest thanks to Ariel Lawhon and Laura Benedict for helping me conceptualize and organize, Kim Killion for the beautiful cover art, and Phyllis DeBlanche for her editorial expertise, and the amazing Leigh Kramer for putting together a stunning series of images and PR material that has really helped Mia shine. And of course, without the amazing authors who brought Mia to life, this story would still be rattling around in my brain. Thank you, brilliant sisters of letters. You’ve made this all worthwhile. XO

And as always, thank you for being on this journey with me. 

Now, get thee gone, reader, and buy your copy of A THOUSAND DOORS, STAT! I can’t wait for you to read it!

I leave you with a final question.

Which life would you choose?